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Should You Consider Writing Cyberrisk Coverage through Your Captive?

Cyberrisk is a hot topic at captive conferences, and a panel of experts at the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association’s annual Symposium on Captive Insurance provided a great overview of this expanding risk. Leon Pintsov, CEO of SignitSure Company, moderated the panel. He stated, “No statistical stability exists for the cyber risk,” making it difficult to underwrite.
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Captives Land on IRS Priority Guidance Plan for 2014–2015

On August 26, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service issued its Priority Guidance Plan (PGP) for 2014–2015. The list reflects 317 projects the IRS designates as priorities for the allocation of resources during the designated period, although generally not all items are completed during the designated period.
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Reinsurance Markets, Captives, and Generative Thinking

Over the last month Captive Wire and Captive.com have highlighted a series of headlines suggesting that the fundamentals underlying the global reinsurance market are changing. John Foehl, coeditor of Captive.com and Captive Wire, suggests generative thinking is one means of considering what these changes mean for captives.
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Underwriting Note: Another State Invalidates Caps on Some Punitive Damages

Last week a 7-0 Missouri Supreme Court decision invalidated the state cap on some punitive damages. The supreme court restored the judgment of a lower court because the plaintiff had filed a claim as a common law fraud, which existed in Missouri since the first state constitution was written.
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Captive Insurer Clarification Act Would Correct Unintended Consequences of NRRA

In July 2014 Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced Senate Bill 2796, which would clarify the definition of nonadmitted insurer under the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA) of 2010. The legislation is cosponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).
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Arizona Captive Count Grows 8 Percent in 2014

The Captive Division of the Arizona Department of Insurance reported that, as of year-end 2014, it has 114 licensed captives, a net increase of 8 percent since the beginning of 2014. This 8 percent growth exceeded the increase of 6 captives and 6 percent growth in the prior year. Pure and pure-reinsurance captives represent 81 percent of the types of captives licensed. Group captives, including risk retention groups and association captives, comprise 13 percent of the total.
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Bermuda Has 57 Percent of Insurance-Linked Securities Market

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The Royal Gazette quoted the president and CEO of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), Greg Wojciechowski, as saying that “… the outstanding amount of ILS (insurance-linked securities) issued in Bermuda represents 57 per cent of the worldwide stock of ILS.”
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Finding Balance in Casualty Insurer Medical Payments

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To remain competitive payers, insurers in particular must be prepared for the changing health care landscape that is accompanying the reforms provided in the Affordable Care Act, suggests "Healthcare 2015: Find the Balance in Medical Payment Dynamics," a white paper recently published by Mitchell International, Inc., a leading provider of property and casualty claims technology solutions.
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Learn More about Benchmarking Your Captive

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association is offering a webinar opportunity for board members, executives, and managers to learn about the benefits of benchmarking their captive, according to the Events page on the VCIA website.
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Vermont Captive Quality, Premium Growth Continue

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Vermont licensed 16 new captives in 2014, according to data released by the Vermont Captive Insurance Division. The new captives were made up of 10 pure captives, two sponsored, two special purpose financial insurers, one association, and one risk retention group. Two new captives were redomesticated from Bermuda and Delaware.
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World Captive Forum Teleconference, CE Opportunities Available

Those who cannot attend the World Captive Forum (WCF) February 1-4, 2015, in Boca Raton, Florida, can participate in the "Regulation and Captive Diversification" session via teleconference.
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2014 Captive Investment Indices Report Shows Impact of Equities

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London & Capital has reported the results of its suite of proprietary indices for 2014. The indices reflect three model asset allocations that London & Capital designed to fit the investment needs of three liability profiles of captives. Each of the indices has differing allocations of U.S. high grade bonds, high yield bonds, equities, and cash.
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Risk and Insurance Predictions for 2015

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Cyberrisk, drones, and a slowdown in U.S. captive formation top the list as Jack Gibson, International Risk Management Institute, Inc., president & CEO, makes his risk and insurance predictions for 2015.
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Kane Demonstrates Demand for Smaller Capital Market Deals

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Kane SAC Ltd (Kane SAC), a subsidiary of Kane, has announced four new issuances on its independent private catastrophe bond platform, the Kane SAC Limited Note Program. The issuances total $125,840,000.
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